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Our Philosophy

Science- based, humane and effective techniques that build on improving the human-canine relationship.

We believe in using fear-free, science-based training methods that build on improving communication between the dog and their guardians, ultimately enhancing the human-canine bond. When pet parents can better understand dogs and communicate more effectively, the behavioral issues are more easily addressed. Trust and understanding is key in effective learning. Our training is also fun and rewarding, building on motivation and desire to learn and please, which leads to achieving the desired outcome more effectively. We understand that every dog is an individual, and that just like people, each individual learns differently, so all our programs are individually catered to each specific dog. No one size fits all solutions with Fido Coach. 
Some of the behaviorists which have helped shape our philosophy at Fido Coach are Dr. Ian Dunbar, Dr. Patricia McConnell, Susan Garrett, and Jean Donaldson. We encourage you to check these great pioneers in animal behavior out. 
"When it comes down to it, just "dog training" is really not enough. We incorporate lots of guidance, canine education and coaching, alongside training, to get the best results.We want to bring out the best in you and your dog!" 
Our History

Fido Coach was founded in 2014 to help pet parents and their furry friends improve their shared lives together. We provide canine education and effective, fear-free, dog training solutions that enhance the human-canine bond. After working together with hundreds of clients at PetSafe and Petco in Tennessee, our founder Rosalee Kaschel-CPDT-KA, moved to Massachusetts and continued to train, coach and guide families with their four-legged friends all over Boston and the Metro West area. Rosalee has been training since 2010 and has helped hundreds of humans and their canine companions achieve amazing training results. 

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